Digital news this week has been in turns happy, sad, concerning and uplifting.

Google, LinkedIn, Brexit, Tesla, VR, Uber, Hillary, Manchester City and Facebook all feature.

Read on if you want to run the gamut of emotions, and become a little bit smarter in the process.

Facebook ‘family & friends’ algorithm update

Facebook wants you to interact with your loved ones, instead of all those BuzzFeed videos.

The social network is in a powerful position to enable this, simply by tweaking the dial on its NewsFeed algorithm.

Patricio Robles has covered the ins and outs for marketers.

LinkedIn rolls out programmatic ads

LinkedIn has been testing programmatic display ads since last year, and has offered audience targeted native ads (or in-stream) since March 2016.

Programmatic buying for display has now been officially launched, allowing advertisers to buy through their demand-side platform or trading desk.

Advertisers can target using their own first or third-party data, or by utilising LinkedIn’s audience segments.

linkedin display

Uber to start monitoring its drivers

Uber will be trialling new technology in nine cities, including NYC and LA, to assess driver behaviour.

Not only will driver speed be monitored but also when a driver is touching their phone, allowing potentially unsafe drivers to be recognised.

See the Wall Street Journal for more.

Clinton’s tech manifesto

Hillary Clinton has published a tech manifesto on her website.

Computer science in education features heavily. Other points of note include:

  • addressing the skills gap in the jobs market
  • diversifying the tech workforce
  • funding small tech businesses
  • improving community infrastructure
  • fighting for an open internet
  • opening up government data
  • and a hell of a lot more at the link above.

Perfect chance to include a very relevant song by The Fall…

Adspend fears after Brexit

Prior to the Brexit vote, GroupM had already downgraded its 2016 forecast of UK ad growth by £220m.

Since the Leave campaign was successful, Adrian Coleman, group chief exec of VCCP, told Campaign he expected the UK ad market to fall “between 5% and 10%” in the next six months.

In the same article, James Murphy, chief exec of Adam & Eve/DDB, added: “We took a call at 3pm last Friday from a US client, who pulled a £1.5m-fee project.” 

Elsewhere, brands such as EasyJet have warned of a hit to profits.

Manchester City creates Facebook Messenger Bot

Man City is very good at experimenting early with new social tech and it has stolen a march on the rest of the Premier League with a Facebook Messenger bot.

I’m amazed by the amount of press coverage that doesn’t include a pic of said bot – here’s one from my phone (I signed up despite being a United fan).

man city bot

Man dies as Tesla crashes on autopilot

No doubt you’ve seen this story already, reader.

Some have mentioned that the truck trailer which the ill-fated Tesla crashed into was quite high and that the Tesla sensors and radar may not have been able to detect it.

Certainly, it seems the camera on board failed to detect the white trailer against a bright sky.

Google launches four new tools for the classroom

Google launched its Expeditions app (VR tours of the world), Cast (a Chrome app for screen sharing in class), Quizzes in Google Forms (to allow teachers to auto-mark/grade work) and some creative apps for the Chromebook.

Full details on the Google blog

quizzes in google forms

Texit fears

Some UK tech firms are mulling an exit (tech exit = texit) after the result of the EU referendum.

Though DueDil and TransferWise are among those considering upping sticks, others have urged techies to ‘keep calm and code on’.

Read more in The Guardian.

Cancer Research UK to use VR for fundraising awareness

At the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show, the charity will allow visitors to walk an endless field of flowers, each bearing the name of a supporter.

The Oculus experience sounds like one of the more thoughtful and impactful (yet simple) implementations of the tech for experiential marketing.

cancer research vr  

Amazon Prime Day 12th July

Amazon has revealed its Prime day will return on 12th July.

Sales were big last year, though there was a bit of a backlash against limited stock.