He continued: ‘I’ll leave it up to you, but can you please pick this up for tomorrow?

I replied: ‘Give me a raise and we’ll go for option B.’

That’s a bit of a crappy in-joke, but nevertheless, you can help yourself by taking our 2016 Career and Salary Survey, allowing us to set a benchmark for the industry we love.

All respondents will get priority access to findings and be entered into a draw to win £250 of Amazon vouchers.

What do we hope the survey will reveal? 

How far roles are changing, how diverse the industry is, and importantly, how much marketers are getting paid.

The findings will enable you to compare your earnings with those of your colleagues using our salary calculator.

When will the survey be published?

Late January, 2016.

What did the survey find in 2015?

2015 saw some startling findings (published by Marketing Week), with a large majority of marketers (81%) set to leave their jobs in the next three years, many of those citing poor pay (69%).

The gender gap was depressingly real, and half of women felt discriminated against.

Average pay for digital specialists matched up well against general marketers, though this distinction is now rare.

salary survey

Average marketing salary.

2015 average salaries for marketers

What was that skills and job descriptions research your boss was talking about?

Ah, thanks for asking. Econsultancy has published a Digital Job Descriptions Best Practice Guide and a report about the Skills of the Modern Marketer.