Surprise, surprise! Amazon has come top of Foresee’s online customer satisfaction survey for the fifth year in a row.

In fact the e-tailer comes in first and second position in the table thanks to its separate UK and US domains, easily beating John Lewis and into third and fourth places respectively.

The findings in the ForeSee Online Retail Satisfaction Index: UK Christmas Edition are based on almost 10,000 customer surveys collected during November and December.

Scores are awarded out of 100 with anything over 80 considered as excellent. (86), (84) and John Lewis (80) were the only brands to exceed this threshold.

Amazon consistently achieves high scores for online customer satisfaction, recently beating John Lewis to first place in a survey by Nunwood.

The e-tailer also came in second place in YouGov’s 2011 BrandIndex behind Google

We’ve written several blog posts looking at the reasons why consumers love Amazon, including an evaluation of its mobile shopping basket and consistent multichannel strategy and the 12 reasons behind its massive mobile success.

Getting back to Foresee’s report, perennial low-scorer Ryanair registers the only decline of three points or more (down three points to 61), making it the lowest-scoring company in the index by a wide margin, it rests a full seven points behind Netflix (68) in the second-to-last spot.

Overall there was a slight increase in aggregate satisfaction from Christmas 2011 to Christmas 2012 from 73 to 74. Both pure play and multichannel retailers have experienced growth in customer satisfaction, but only marginally. 

For pure play online retailers customer satisfaction has risen slightly from 73 in 2011 to 74 this year. Retailers whose main sales channel is brick-and-mortar stores have also increased satisfaction by one point from 72 to 73. 

This tallies with data from Nunwood’s survey which found that online retailers tend to deliver a better customer experience than high street stores.