Amazon’s AWS cloud already has one of the broadest sets of offerings and the ecommerce giant continues to expand the services it offers with today’s launch of a new AWS service, CloudSearch.

Based on the search technology that powers search on, CloudSearch, as the name implies, is a cloud-based, fully managed search facility.

The Amazon AWS blog explains:

CloudSearch hides all of the complexity and all of the search infrastructure from you. You simply provide it with a set of documents and decide how you would like to incorporate search into your application.
You don’t have to write your own indexing, query parsing, query processing, results handling, or any of that other stuff. You don’t need to worry about running out of disk space or processing power, and you don’t need to keep rewriting your code to add more features.
With CloudSearch, you can focus on your application layer. You upload your documents, CloudSearch indexes them, and you can build a search experience that is custom-tailored to the needs of your customers.

CloudSearch offers a number of advanced features, including faceting and fielded search, relevance tracking and stopwords. CloudSearch customers interface with the technology manually using the AWS management console or programatically through CloudSearch APIs.

Searches are performed using search instances, of which there are three sizes (small, large and extra large), which range in price from $0.12 to $0.68 per hour. As a customer’s data grows, CloudSearch can automatically scale to up to 50 search instances, a number that Amazon says will increase over time.

According to Amazon, CloudSearch is flexible enough to provide search for a wide range of applications, and it points to current users in a variety of markets, including NewsRight, and Smugmug, as examples of this flexibility.