Amazon looks to be taking on Apple’s iTunes by opening its own music download store, with rumours suggesting the service will be DRM-free.

According to The Independent, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been in discussions with the four major labels to persuade them to allow their music to be sold without DRM protection.

With worldwide sales of £6.6bn last year, Amazon could provide serious competition for iTunes in the market, particularly if it can convince the labels to go without DRM.

EMI became the first major label to sell its back catalogue online without copyright protection, announcing a deal with Apple’s Steve Jobs earlier this month. If the experiment works, other labels may well follow suit.

Meanwhile, Yahoo has added a new feature to its music service, which will allow users to look up the lyrics of their favourite songs.

Yahoo’s lyrics search currently has around 400,000 song lyrics, though, unfortunately,  none are by The Fall, which would have been a treat.