Amazon's A9 develops Clickriver PPC platform Amazon is testing a new advertising programme, Clickriver, which allows businesses to place sponsored links on next to search results and on product detail pages.

Amazon’s Clickriver Ads, which appears to be a version of Adwords, was built by, a search technologies subsidiary of Amazon.

The programme allows advertisers to place sponsored links for complementary services and products around an Amazon user’s search results. For example, a hotel chain might place ads around searches for luggage.

The links will be pay per click, with the price determined by auction. The amount bid will determine how the ads are ranked and what the cost will be if the ad is clicked.

The service will undoubtedly appeal to advertisers as it allows them to get their products and services in front of customers who are ready to buy. Amazon currently has tens of millions of active user accounts.

Clickriver is currently in beta testing, and Amazon is inviting advertisers from a range of service providers and retailers.

We can assume Amazon won’t be applying for Google Adsense anytime soon.

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