Amazon recently rolled out in-app purchases for apps in the Amazon Appstore, which, thanks to the rise of the Kindle Fire, is reportedly more lucrative for some developers than the Google Android app store that’s part of Google Play.

Now there’s good news for developers and heavy-spending app users alike: Amazon is upping the maximum price that can be charged for an in-app purchase.

As reported by TechCrunch’s Kim-Mai Cutler, Amazon sent developers an email indicating that with new parental controls in place, developers can submit for approval in-app items costing more than $20.

This is an important move for Amazon as it looks to grow the content ecosystem it’s building around Android and its Android-based Kindle Fire. As Cutler notes, a Flurry study “found that transactions that were more than $20 make up the majority of revenue for top-grossing games on iOS and Android.”

In other words, if top apps in the Amazon Appstore are already generating more for developers than their Google Play cousins, those utilizing in-app purchases could expect to see even greater gains now that purchases above $20 are permitted.

The question now for Amazon is whether in-app purchases and higher item limits will result in an influx of new developers for the ecommerce giant. If the secret that the Amazon Appstore is more lucrative than Google’s own Android app store gets out, Amazon’s success with Android could prove ironically embarrassing to Google.