E-commerce in Australia is a complex, fragmented landscape and one that’s a hot topic in the marketplace – constantly being at the forefront of discussions within the digital industry and wider public sphere

Recently, competitions.com.au created a catchy infographic that considers the current e-commerce environment in the region. 

With online sales in Australia suggested to be worth some $37bn dollars by 2013, this is an impressive growth expectation, considering that the population is around only 22.5m people. 

It’s not to say that it’s unrealistic though, as there’s a clear appetite among consumer for shopping online – especially with the increase of different transactional touchpoints, such as those found within social and mobile channels

As our State of Digital Australia report revealed, both retailers and marketers who are still behind the curve in adopting and creating an online retailing strategy are likely to be left behind in the wake of those who embrace the opportunities being presented by e-commerce.