H2 2021 Analyst Session: Considerations for User Experience and Accessibility

As more people transact online, the importance of UX and accessibility as strategically important topics has grown. Increasingly, marketers and ecommerce professionals need to be equipped with knowledge of design principles and accessibility considerations.

This 60 minute analyst session covers:

  • Introduce marketers to the principles of good design and accessibility to facilitate more inclusive marketing and ecommerce practice
  • Offer guidance in terms of testing interfaces for usability
  • Distinguish between influence signals to support conversion optimisation and dark patterns

If you are interested in booking a session with us or want to know more, please contact: analyst.sessions@econsultancy.com


Neurodiversity and Digital Inclusion Best Practice Guide

With evidence that neurodiversity has been of evolutionary benefit to humans, this report examines the potential that neurodiversity brings to not only workplaces but the human race as a whole. It summarises a way of seeing this potential and unlocking it to fuel an especially healthy kind of growth and is aimed at marketers and other business leaders seeking to understand how to stimulate growth.

Five key psychological principles of UX & UI design

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Consumers are online – are you ready for them?

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A phone screen displaying the Moonpig app with a marker pen and a binder arranged around it.

Moonpig on innovating during a pandemic, internal empathy and nailing the basics of UX

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Embark on a Blended Learning Journey

Our expert-led blended learning programme will help you and your organisation to grow and evolve, in line with the expectations of your customers. We can help you to update the skills of marketing, digital and ecommerce professionals, guiding you through a fully personalised and well-structured learning path.

Through cutting-edge face to face training, online classrooms and insightful content, we’ve helped some of the world’s most successful brands build their knowledge and capabilities in marketing.