Q2 2020 Analyst Session: Customer Journey Mapping, Segmentation and Personas

Digital technologies such as mobile applications, search engines, customer review sites, marketplaces and social media have revolutionised the customer journey making the path to conversion more complex. Each new technology creates new customer touchpoints. With new touchpoints come new expectations and customer behaviour.

This 60 minute analyst session covers:

  • The need for Customer Journey Mapping
  • How to develop customer journey maps
  • The role of segmentation and personas

If you are interested in booking a session with us or want to know more, please contact: analyst.sessions@econsultancy.com


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Embark on a Blended Learning Journey

Our expert-led blended learning programme will help you and your organisation to grow and evolve, in line with the expectations of your customers. We can help you to update the skills of marketing, digital and ecommerce professionals, guiding you through a fully personalised and well-structured learning path.

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