H1 2022 Analyst Session: Ecommerce and Best Practice

While the Covid-19 pandemic crisis has accelerated consumer demand for ecommerce, it has also meant that many brands have had to review their approach to ecommerce in terms of strategy, operations and fulfilment.

This 60 minute analyst session covers:

  • Macro trends impacting ecommerce acceleration
  • The importance of the experience and omnichannel retail: brands are bridging the gap between physical and digital retail to deliver more seamless and personalised experiences
  • Technology transformation: how technological trends are facilitating online commerce
  • Channel transformation: how video, social commerce and live streaming are helping brands and consumers connect
  • Sustainable ecommerce and the conscious consumer.

If you are interested in booking a session with us or want to know more, please contact: analyst.sessions@econsultancy.com


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