Google launches a lot of new features on a regular basis. Many of them are important and worth reporting on.

But in my opinion, few are as important to digital marketers as yesterday’s announcement that Google has made publicly-available integration between AdSense and Analytics.

The reason is obvious: by combining AdSense data with Analytics data, publishers now have an easy way to look at the relationship between their traffic patterns and their AdSense monetization.

The new integration provides for the following:

  • The ability to look at specific pages and gauge how well they’re monetizing.
  • Referrer analytics that enable publishers to break revenue down by sources of traffic.
  • Trending reports that show how AdSense monetization varies based on the day and time of day.
  • Revenue breakdowns that let you see how much revenue is generated by returning visitors vs. new visitors and by language.

With this data, AdSense publishers will have a far greater ability to gain valuable insight into which content is generating ROI and which content isn’t, which traffic converts and which doesn’t, etc. With this information in hand, optimizing your website for optimal AdSense monetization is a viable prospect.

While there were previously other means of collecting this sort of data (eg. AdSense channels), significant limitations existed. It’s hard to beat full integration.

For those who really want to go all the way, here’s an idea: combine AdSense+Analytics and multivariate testing through Google Website Optimizer (which itself has Analytics integration). Hopefully this will work a charm (I know what one of my upcoming weekend projects is).

Photo credit: specialkrb via Flickr.