Does the internet industry need yet another awards night? After three years of debating this question we’ve decided that there’s a bit of a gap in the market. And this is why we’ve just announced the launch of our Innovation Awards.

Entries are now open for those clients, agencies and suppliers that have been involved in innovative web projects and technologies during the past year. There are 15 categories to choose from.

Judging will be determined by E-consultancy’s analysts and a panel of industry experts including Apple, Google, Dyson, BBC, Orange and innocent drinks.

The awards will be announced and presented at London’s glitzy Park Lane Hotel on 2nd December.

We decided on the theme of innovation because we’re strong believers in fresh thinking. We also know that innovation happens at a nano, micro and macro level, and you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to reinvent your business online. Often it is the smallest tweaks and changes that make all the difference.

We also recognise that the web in 2008 is a far more user-friendly place to be than it once was, due almost entirely to the efforts of those passionate client-side and agency folks, not to mention some of the brilliant new tools and technologies that have come to market – or achieved some kind of critical mass – during the past three years or so.

So, we’d like to recognise and honour the smartest innovators in the internet industry.

The 15 categories are:

  1. Innovation in Affiliate Marketing
  2. Innovation in Email Marketing
  3. Innovation in Online Advertising
  4. Innovation in Social Media and Communities
  5. Innovation in SEO/Natural Search
  6. Innovation in Paid Search/PPC
  7. Innovation in User Experience
  8. Innovation in Multichannel Marketing
  9. Innovation in Online Acquisition
  10. Innovation in Online Conversion
  11. Innovation in Online Retention
  12. Innovation in Web Analytics & Optimization
  13. Innovation in Digital Marketing and Team Management
  14. International Innovation (innovation primarily outside the UK)
  15. Most Innovative Person in Digital Marketing

The deadline for entries is 24 October. Good luck to all who enter.