The pro

Evan Hilton is only 18, and lives in Florida. He is an animator/viner/artist/creative and you should check out the Tumblr showcasing his astounding illustrative talents.

We suggest any creative agencies out there quickly tap him up for some work. Evan, if you can make it to London, we’d love to see you.

If you have a friend here that wants a pass, let us know. Winner!

The spirit of Vine

Vine is about quick and charming videos. Keeping it simple is often the key to making bewitching six second videos.

Louise Dixon from ResponseTap (attending JUMP this year) is currently juggling BAU and prep for the Festival.

As beautifully summed up here. Louise, a worthy winner of a Festival of Marketing pass.

And in the same vein, Morag Cuddeford-Jones submitted this lovely effort, styling the FoM logo with jellybeans, then deliciously undoing her work.

Morag, you win a Festival of Marketing pass.


The could’ve-been-a-Pro-Viner-in-another-life

This slick effort is from Hugh Wallace, Head of Digital at National Museums Scotland.

Hugh, you’ve won a Festival of Marketing pass.


Get involved! Send us an entry and you could win. We’ll post again next week.