To start with, here’s a great wordcloud Dan created, showing all the topics you’ve been talking about using #TheDigitals hashtag this week:

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This week we saw a lot more new face. @Blackstone_ID and @Silverbean both made very strong showings, and @SocialPolly has consistently stayed in the top five. We’re also pleased to welcome @Aldiski and @activrightbrain, a great effort, especially when you consider that 6,983 people decided to join in this week! 

In the words of @SocialPolly

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

Get involved!

Have you joined in yet?

Remember, whoever is at the top of the charts in week six will be invited to join our exclusive global judging panel, helping to decide who is deserving of the most coveted awards in online marketing: The Digitals. 

We’ve been refining and adding to our measurement methods as we go along, and this week will be no exception. We’ll be running our next major leaderboard at 9am GMT on Monday, meaning that our scores will reset. There’s a level playing field so there’s everything still to play for. 

Whether it’s innovation, effectiveness of a campaign, impact of brand, conversion rates or just sheer digital brilliance, we want to hear about it. Share the knowledge, share the best content, and you could be judging the best of the best! On your marks, get set… Get Tweeting!

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