Congratulations also go out to our top five:

All of whom have really entered into the spirit of things, making #TheDigitals hashtag an incredibly valuable resource in its own right.

Sharing great content

Over the past week alone we’ve seen

List posts of great web analytics people to follow on Twitter:

Handy responsive design layouts (if you’re going to steal, steal from the best!):

And magic design guides to help you rock your own pages:

Lists of regional tech scenes (Here’s one for London)

The terrible, terrible proliferation of ‘finger hashtagging’ (if you do this STOP IT)

And guides to The Digitals judging panels on Twitter (also worth following!) with activity ratings. 

In fact, we’ve had such a great response (Over 8,000 players, generatingalmost 1,000 tweets this week alone) that we think #TheDigitals should continue!

We’d like to make the tag an ongoing resource for sharing exciting new developments in digital, we’ll keep updating you on our favourite shared content, and add to the mix ourselves, and who knows, maybe there will even be another prize in the near future… 😉

To enter, just keep those tweets coming.

Remember, we don’t want retweets, or pointless tagging. We’ll continue to refine our weighting algorithm, and we’ll be personally curating the material shared so that you can only climb the board by sharing useful, interesting and downright awesome content.

As Piyush puts it:

So what are you waiting for?

Get out there and get sharing, we can’t wait to see what other brilliant digital content you’ve seen. 

Find out more about the leaderboard and track your position here:

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