One of the most popular Facebook widget developers, RockYou, is to launch its own ad network on the site.

RockYou has some of the most popular apps on the social network, providing slide shows for users, and is aiming to tap into its success by making money from advertisers.

In one example given by VentureBeat, users adding the RockYou Super Wall widget to their profile are asked if they want to add another greetings cards widget at the same time.

The application installation page has been earning the firm $20 per thousand user impressions, which is pretty impressive.

As widget developers have access to the information in users’ profiles, advertisers can draw on this valuable resource to better target their advertising.

Just last week, Lookery launched an ad network, aiming to reach Facebook’s 32m users, while 30 Boxes launched the first ad network on the social site earlier this month.

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