Nigella Lawson is the latest TV chef to release an iPhone cooking app, Nigella’s Quick Collection from Random House, which contains 70 recipes, along with videos.

I’ve been trying the new app out…  

The app has an attractive and easy to use interface, with clear and intuitive navigation. 

The main menu page allows uses to browse through recipes under a number of headings, and users can also search by keyword to find recipes that use particular ingredients. 

Once users choose a heading, they can easily scroll through the available recipes before tapping to see some more details about the recipe. 

Recipes are broken down into stages to keep text easy to scan, while voice control has been added so that users can go back and forth between pages of the recipe while keeping their hands free for cooking, which is a nice touch. 

Some of the recipes are accompanied by videos, some show Nigella cooking the whole recipes, others are extracts which show techniques or explain particular ingredients. 

There are some other useful features in the app, such as a shopping list feature which allows users to add all of the ingredients from a recipe to the list and tick them off as they buy them. 

The app also provides details of Nigella’s books, and even links to Amazon so you can buy them direct from your phone. However, it links to the desktop version of the Amazon site; sending users to Amazon’s mobile site would be a better idea, as it would make it easier for people to complete the purchase. 


At £4.99, it is decent value compared with the price of the books. If you have a number of Nigella’s books, some of these recipes will be familiar, though it can be useful to have them available on the phone.  

This is a very well designed and usable app. It looks good, it’s fast, navigates well, and judging by the reviews that have been left on the App Store so far, it seems to be popular with users.