It’s worth noting the companies in the top 30, who may score highly with the design of the site itself, but have no social media links whatsoever. Menards, West Elm, Gymboree and OfficeMax are companies in the top 10 who score zero for driving traffic to social channels.

It’s also surprising how many companies in the top 30 lack a click-to-call button. Barnes and Noble and JC Penney are the most high-profile companies lacking this vital feature. Here are five good and bad examples of click-to-call buttons used in ecommerce.

More than half the brands in the top 30 have no evidence of an app on their site. According to a report earlier this year, 85% of consumers favour apps over mobile websites, so this is a major oversight.

And what’s more interesting than the top 30 of any list of 100 things? The bottom 20 of course…

That’s an awful lot of major brands languishing down there. H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch, Tiffany & Co. Then right at the very bottom is… Apple.

Apple’s site, according to The Search Agency, has a long load time, neither responsive nor adaptive design, no social media links, no app presence and no click-to-call.

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