tv commercial

A new company wants to bring a not-so-innovative format to online advertising:a “deliberately interruptive” :30 ad spot — just like the ones you get on your TV.

ShortTail Media plans to beta
test its Digital 30 (D30) ad this summer, a full-screen interstitial that will run :30 and :15 second spots.

Mediaweek reports David Payne, former head of, founded ShortTail and has been busy meeting with top-tier publishers to convince them to sign on for tests. Reuters has reportedly committed,  while and are giving the proposal some serious thought.

ShortTail has reportedly promised frequency capping and limited inventory will be part of the package.

It’ll be interesting to see if this flies, on several levels. Consumer acceptance is a biggie, of course. Thirty seconds is a long time to wait, post-click. Moreover, it’s it’s video, audio is part and parcel of the message. Given ShortTail is going after largely print publishers — and presumably, the internet primetime, at-work audience, audio may not be what viewers ultimately get along with their video.

Then, there’s the production side of the equation. It’s common wisdom that simply repurposing TV ads for the Web is simple in concept, but translating images from a small to an even smaller screen is easier said than done. Are advertisers going to bite, and are they going to be willing to pay the extra production costs?

Time – and testing – will tell. Meanwhile, beware of formats dubbed “innovative” that are very obviously the same old, same old.