Our new survey is aimed at exploring the extent to which companies are integrating different digital and traditional marketing channels effectively, and how committed they are to relationship marketing. 

Those taking part in the research will get access to a complimentary copy of the resulting report which will be published in August.

According to last year’s survey-based report on this topic, lack of strategy, organisational structure and disparate technology platforms hold back companies from driving effective cross-channel campaigns, themes which are also explored in our free trends briefing based on roundtable discussions at our London Digital Cream event. 

Among last year’s survey findings were the following: 

  • When asked about the factors preventing effective co-ordination of campaigns, a quarter of companies (25%) said a lack of a clearly defined strategy was the greatest barrier. 
  • Fragmentation of departments and / or poor organisational structures was seen as the next greatest obstacle, cited by 23% of responding companies.
  • The third most significant barrier was disparate technology and systems, cited by 14% of company respondents.
  • As well as a clear strategy, 15% stressed the importance of ownership and accountability, while 13% cited having a joined-up organisational structures as the key requirement. 

You can complete the 2013 Cross-Channel Marketing Survey here. Thanks if you’ve already taken part.