You can then brag to your colleagues about being on the bleeding edge of marketing, or revel in the fact that you’re an old school hipster who’s more comfortable with tried and tested techniques (nothing wrong with TV ads, mate).

This short video tells you everything you need to know, alongside a very funky soundtrack.

Didn’t fancy watching the video? Allow me to explain instead… after completing the Modern Marketing Readiness test you’ll be matched with one of three marketer profiles. They are defined as:

1. Marketing OG

You original gangsters have been runnin’ this game since the age when print was generating big sales and you had a big ol’ budget to spend on advertising. But those days are gone, and now you’re finding your way slingin’ pixels.

Make no mistake, you OGs may be old school, but you know how to get things done through hard work. Though, the times they are a changin’, and you need to be ready, my friend.

2. Digital Whiz-Kid

From the drawing board to the boardroom you know how to generate the virtual love for your brand. But digital can’t remain an island forever, man.

Dig deep into the data, take that intimate knowledge of every customer’s click, and share with your marketing brethren. A joined-up, unified approach is the ultimate goal.

3. Perfect PI

Dayum! Your knowledge goes broad AND your analytical and creative game is strong. We call people like you pi-shaped (π).

And man oh man do modern marketing teams need your skills. So flex your lycra-clad marketing muscles to help eradicate those silos and create a team and culture ready to take on the challenges of the future.

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As well as being able to share your results with colleagues, the Marketing Readiness Quiz will also recommend some insightful, relevant content that will help to fill any gaps in your marketing knowledge.

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What exactly does the future of marketing look like?

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