Deborah Kay is the founder of Digital Discovery, which provides data-driven digital strategy advisory

and digital intelligence to CEOs, enterprises and financial investors. Digital Discovery also consults
with large enterprises on their chatbot strategy, intelligence training and conversational design.

Deborah is a artificial intelligence enthusiast and bot influencer. She is an official Chatfuel Creator
with her templates listed in the Chatfuel dashboard. She has been described as a “Dialogflow guru
and can help you make the bot responsive to incoming messages with personality.”

Bots that she has built include:

  • ColorMeHappy Cosmetics chatbot, an e-commerce bot on Facebook Messenger that can analyse your skin tone and recommend lipstick shades
  • Sammy the Sailing Bot – a bot that taps on’s API to give sailors wind speed and weather conditions at the National Sailing Centre
  • EmojiBot – a dialogflow agent that can handle any emoji
  • Gif Finder – a Chatfuel Template that integrates with Giphy’s API (Deborah is an official Chatfuel Creator)

In 2017, she was added to the Global #bottish100 Power 100 chatbot influencers, ranking #1 in

In 2018, she was appointed one of the expert judges ( “we decided to focus on the ones
who are the most active and contribute to the industry the most” ) for the annual Chatbottle awards.

She also writes for Chatbot’s Life Magazine and UX Collective on conversational design and NLP. In
2018, she was named one of Medium’s top writers in Artificial Intelligence.

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