Every year I pick out the digital and marketing trends and developments which I believe will shape the industry and digital/marketing planning and thinking in the year ahead.

In some previous years new digital marketing disciplines emerged e.g. search engine marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing and others. I cannot see any new such disciplines appearing in 2019.

Instead 2019 will continue to be shaped by broader changes and imperatives like digital transformation, customer experience, data, omnichannel, personalisation, the war for talent, business model evolution, new ways of working (like agile) and new ways of organising teams and how digital/marketing gets done. None of these are new but none of them are easy or over in a year.

From a technology point of view artificial intelligence (AI) is more exciting for marketers than other areas of tech advancement like 3D printing, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, self-driving cars or weareables. But even AI will be experienced by most marketers in specialist, applied, ways which are incremental improvements to existing tools, data and platforms rather than step changes.

So, here's my list of 10 trends for 2019.

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