Every year I pick out the digital and marketing trends and developments which I believe will shape the industry and digital/marketing planning and thinking in the year ahead.

This is a special year. 2020 always used to be ‘the future’ somewhere on the horizon. Well, here we are. We need a new future. Let’s go with 2030.

There have been quite a few ten-year retrospectives written on digital, and some (fewer than usual for some reason) 2020 trends and predictions, but not much looking forwards ten years. So that is what I would like to focus on first.

The decade to 2030:

  • 1. In search of trust
  • 2. Humane tech
  • 3. Personalisation 2.0
  • 4. Everything-as-a-service
  • 5. Ecommerce and the environment


2020 Digital and marketing trends:

  • 6. Ecommerce, social, advertising, UX, SEO etc.
  • 7. Messaging
  • 8. Digital & marketing transformation
  • 9. Data
  • 10. Customer Experience

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