has followed the likes of Google and Yahoo! with the launch of a specialised mobile search service – although it doesn’t yet support ads and the company’s not saying when it will be introduced in the UK. 

The service uses technology from Skweezer to make content easier to view and navigate on small displays and increase downloading speeds.

Users accessing from mobile devices will be automatically redirected to the site.

Ask Mobile is designed specifically for search on mobile devices, instead of shoehorning a PC interface into a mobile product,” said Doug Leeds, vice president of product management for

Extensive testing showed that, by eliminating the search box from the home page and instead providing links to key search services, users were more successful in getting to what they were looking for.

The service is ad-free for now, and a spokesperson for declined to say when a UK version would be launched.

Both Google and Yahoo! have also been ramping up their cellphone offerings, despite slow uptake of mobile web services.

Earlier this month, Yahoo! launched a beta trial of paid-for search results on its mobile service.