Auctioning4u, the eBay service provider, has decided on a change of strategy and will be closing its existing eBay drop shops to concentrate on home collection.

Auctioning4u came to the decision after consulting its customers, finding that they preferred the convenience of having their items collected, rather than having to go to a drop shop.

The company will concentrate on building its home collection arm, adding to the existing fleet of four collection vans and employing more Home Collection Consultants.

According to Amy Taylor of Auctioning4u:

“We have been researching and monitoring our consumers’ behaviour during the last four years. Many simply said they either sell their own stuff or want us to come to their home and do it all.”

“We will monitor consumers’ attitudes and might get back into some retail presence if they change, but we do not foresee that at the moment.”

Auctioning4u offers a service for anyone who wants to list items on eBay; in return for a cut of the final sale price, the company will collect items, write professional listings and deal with delivery and payments.

Last month, Auctioning4u acquired the assets of iSold It UK, a rival drop shop chain which had gone into receivership earlier this year.