Audi has created a new Foursquare badge with the support of the US Ski Team, which it has sponsored since 2007.

Fans of the luxury car that follow Audi on Foursquare and check-in to ski resorts this winter will unlock the exclusive ‘Audi Winter Ride’ badge, which gives them 20% off all items in the Audi collection. 

Top skiers including Olympians Lindsey Vonn and Andrew Weibrecht will be contributing Foursquare tips on the best skiing destinations in America. 

Most of the tips focus on the slopes themselves, including this from Vonn:

Want a challenge? Try skiing Forever in Sun Up Bowl. Non-stop if your thighs can handle it.

Hopefully, the tips will branch out to cover local places to go and enjoy a night out after a hard day of skiing. Those truly interested in this campaign will certainly want to know where Olympians hang out in their downtime.

So far the Audi team has posted 7 tips (mostly in Vail, CO). If this continues, and more great content is added throughout the ski season (and not just “My favorite resort is Vail” type tips), Audi could see continued traction from followers on Foursquare. The company isn’t exactly new to using social media for big campaigns either, so it does know what’s expected.

Its recent Twitter contest gave $25,000 to charity alongside luxury prizes to the winners, and last April saw the company’s first foray into using Foursquare with the launch of a new interactive billboard in Times Square which incorporated check-ins and tweets.

This campaign is niche but perfectly aimed at the type of customer Audi want to reach. If you can afford to ski all over America this winter, you can probably afford an Audi. Or at least with the discount off Audi accessories, you can pretend you do.