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What happens when brand marketers think of a mobile application the same way an ad? Solid revenue with exponential value-adds. 

 Think of an application as an item of inventory that’s exceptional because it is also can be a utility that enhances productivity and engages consumers with cool features.

The item of inventory can be sponsored, and the application can be sponsored, covering a white-label or co-branding.  There is no need for the brand marketer to invest in building an application and invest in marketing to support activation and engagement.  Rather, the brand marketer has a multitude of options that will yield a greater return on investment.

  1. Sponsor a pre-built application that is tested, optimized, and already enjoy a following on the market.  This is akin to sponsoring a sports and entertainment venue such as Monster Park, where the San Francisco Giants play.
  2. Sponsor a custom app built by professional developers with tremendous app design and execution as well as market strategy abilities.
  3. Co-sponsor or be one of several sponsors for an app particularly suited to multiple sponsors.

What are the hottest advanced technologies in 2010 that are mobile market ready and waiting for sponsorship?  One such technology is augmented reality for mobile local search. 

AA Browser

 Additionally, brand marketers can take advantage of virtual billboards that are dropped into a real-time view.  The virtual billboards can be general or location-based such as the location-based billboards by Bionic Eye.

Bionic Eye

Augmented reality used in mobile advertising should reach beyond the cool factor and provide utility to enhance productivity in user’s lives. Mobile local search is one productivity tool that is proving to be a market success.

One of the most important user experience concerns for brand marketers should be quality. The length of engagement with the brand and repeat exposure to the brand through repeat use will only occur if the user found the experience pleasant. Yes, the term is “Pleasant.” There are many half-baked augmented reality apps that are cool and drive buzz, yet they are not pleasant and will not attract a loyal passionate following:  a primary goal of a mobile application that is used for marketing.

While augmented reality for local mobile search is the hot new productivity application, smart phones have the technology to enable video overlays of reality to bring pre-recorded actors and objects into camera frame of the real environment. This new creative for mobile TV commercials will open up new revenue possibilities with a new generation of consumers that expect this high-level of visual immersion.

Augmented reality is one of the keys to unlocking a profitable application marketplace in mobile.