The decision has been made to extend the deadline for anyone wanting to take part in the State of Digital in Australia benchmark survey by Econsultancy and Marketing Magazine.

If you’re a digital professional in the region, the closing date to participate and claim a free report copy of the findings (worth $400) is now December 14.

But, until the document is published, I thought I’d tide everyone over with some more juicy digital marketing statistics, following on from another stats-based post a couple of weeks ago.

Again, for reference, the data is extracts from Econsultancy’s Australia and New Zealand: Internet Statistics Compendium.


1.Nearly half (47.9%) of marketers believe they are “effective” or “highly effective” in their use of analytics. [Bienalto] 

2.Almost a fifth of companies are planning to increase their spending on web analytics technology within the next twelve months. [Bienalto]


3.43% of Australians own a smartphone [Mobicity] 

4.80% of Australia’s smartphone users are first-time phone owners. [OMP] 

5.The average Australian makes 3.5 voice calls each day, but sends nine text messages (SMMS). [Mobicity] 

6.26% of mobile owners participate regularly in social networking via their handset. [Mobicity] 

Online advertising 

7.Online advertising spend is currently increasing at a rate of 20%, year on year in Australia. [IAB] 

8.The online advertising marketplace in Australia is expected to reach a value of some $3bn by 2012. [IAB]

9.59% of Australian social media users state that they take no notice of advertising on social networks. [AIMIA] 

10.26% of Australian social media users suggest that they are strongly disenchanted by companies or brands that advertise on social networking sites. [AIMIA]

Search engine marketing 

11.Location-based content, such as map results, is the most popular type of content users in Australia search for. [iProspect]

12.Google holds the lion’s share (88%+) of search advertising within Australia. [Frost and Sullivan]

13.67% of Australian smartphone users have made a search using their personal device. [OMP]

14.Nearly two-thirds (61%) of Australians who use mobile search never go beyond the first page of results. [OMP]


15.During mid-2011, more than 7.5m consumers accessed the top 15 Australian retail websites. [ACMA]

16.57% of Australians search the internet for something to buy at least once a week and more than half buy something online every month. [Digital Futures] 

17.19% of Australian online shoppers make purchases from overseas. [ACMA]

18.Australian users access group-buying sites about six times a week, on average. [AIMIA]

19.The biggest concern that businesses have about e-commerce is someone will hack into their computer system. [Sensis]

20.Convenience is cited by Australian consumers as the biggest reason for buying online. [ACMA]

Social media 

21.89% of online Australians watch video content on Facebook. [ACMA] 

22.73% of Australian users read reviews, discussions and comments on brands, products or services during the last 12 months. [ADMA] 

23.Nearly a third (27%) of all Australians blog. [ADMA] 

24.Online Australian consumers trust user-generated content more than any other form of information: 31% of users trust the online opinions of other people. [Nielsen] 

25.13% of users have considered buying a product or service they heard about on a social networking site and 8% have made a purchase, based on this. [Nielsen]