These are summarised in our new (free) Australia: Ecommerce Trends Briefing, alongside statistics and data that highlight the existing marketplace.

As a taster though, here’s nine key nuggets of recent data from the report: 

Value of ecommerce

  • Online sales in Australia reached a record high in the year to November 2012, with Australian consumers spending some $12.6bn online. [National Australia Bank, January 2013] 
  • The value of online sales in Australia is expected to reach more than $31bn during 2013. [Source: Experian, November 2012] 

Australian consumers

  • 71% of Australian consumers have made a purchase online. [Source: Sensis, August 2012]
  • In an average month, 26% of Australian online shoppers spend between $200 and $499 on products or services online. [Source: Australian Policy Online, September 2012]
  • 30% of consumers search for the location of the nearest store/supplier for specific products and services. [eBay / PayPal, December 2012]

Social commerce 

  • After Australians search for products via social media, 40% then make a purchase. [Source: Yellow Social Media Report, AIMIA, June 2012]
  • The biggest motivation for Australian consumers to subscribe to social channels is to receive discounts and money-off promotions. [Source: ExactTarget, May 2012]
  • 9.24% of Australian consumers say they use social media to make purchase decisions. [Source: Nielsen, via Power Retail, February 2012]

Retailing vs. marketing

  • Only 25% of retailers currently integrate their database with their website. [Source: Experian, November 2012]

[Image credit: Johan Larsson]