Almost 12 million Australians headed online to watch videos in September, streaming 1.5 billion videos and averaging 5 hours and 23 minutes of viewing time, according to a new report. 

The Nielsen Online Video Report showed that Australians are continuing to embrace online videos, averaging 127 videos each in the month of September. 

The figures also highlight the ways in which genders and age groups interact with video formats and it seems that currently, males dominate the online viewing stats, watching 63% of all video streams. 

The results were compiled using Nielsen’s VideoCensus, which is a new online measurement tool that has been developed to give marketers more insight into the demographics and viewing habits of Australians who watch videos online.  

Age Groups

Of particular interest was the indication that during September, Australians aged over-50 made up the biggest proportion of online video viewers.

The 18-24 age group made up only 25% of the overall audience, putting them second last in terms of audience percentage, but conversely, this age group also spent the most amount of time watching online content, averaging more than 11 hours in total. 

This is directly opposite to those aged over 50, who despite making the largest segment (31% of all viewers), averaged the least amount of time, watching only 2.5 hours-worth of video media.

Online TV

In terms of content viewed, the entertainment category dominated the bulk of videos watched, accounting for 1.3 of the 1.5 billion streams. This is particular noteworthy, as it shows that Australians are increasingly turning to the internet to watch their favourite shows.

While Australia is still behind the US in terms of on-demand platforms, such as Hulu or Netflix, the offerings from free-to-air broadcasters (which allow viewers to catch up on recent television programs by going online and streaming episodes for free) is starting to change the way that users in the country interact with online video. 

Future of advertising?

A report conducted by MediaMind earlier this year put forward the idea that video advertisements are 27 times more effective than banner ads and suggests that consumer attention is increasingly turning to video advertising. 

Paul Fisher, CEO of IAB Australia, agrees with this sentiment and believes this new Nielsen report shows the way in which marketing and advertising in Australia is headed. 

Online video consumption in Australia is booming and the release of this data is very timely as media planners and their clients look to maximise their video investment across broadcast and online to lead to the biggest retail period of the year.

If the old advertising adage ‘the dollars follow the eyeballs’ is true, the this data will accelerate the investment in online video advertising. 

This is certainly something that rings true, as the recent figures from VideoCensus provides further support to the now-undeniable fact that video is a very serious option that marketers need to consider when trying to reach consumers online. 

[Image credit: markhillary]