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Q&A: Richard Jones of EngageSciences on the common social marketing ROI myths

Soon the strategy of “I tweet, so pay me big bucks to send a couple tweets for you” will be a thing of the past (if it isn’t already). Social media is settling down after its wild west days as companies begin to apply analytics and insight to gauge ROI. But why is there still question over how to apply measurement to social media as marketers would do for any other channel?

Next Tuesday (December 11, 2012), Richard Jones, CEO at EngageSciences, will host the upcoming JUMP Webinar: Dyspelling the Myths of Social Marketing ROI. We spoke with Jones to give you a little taste of his thoughts on social media ROI measurement and what’s in store for the future. 

IAB Announces New Digital Media Sales Certification

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is adding a new standard for digital salespeople through its new Digital Media Sales Certification.

We interviewed Jennifer Deutsch, Director of Professional Development, on the new program and how professionals will benefit from this certification.

Latin America has the most engaged social network users

According to Econsultancy’s latest Internet Statistics Compendium, Latin America’s users spend the most time on social networks with a total of 7.6 hours spent per month, ahead of Europe and North America with 7 and 6.4 hours respectively.

Despite this trend, the same report also revealed that Latin America has among the lowest social network penetration in the world with only 25% of the population using them.