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One digital strategy, maximum ROI

Gone are the days when budget can just be spent and no one will question too closely what it was spent on.

Due to a combination of hard times for businesses and consumers alike and the ability to track and measure activity far more successfully, those controlling the purse strings are rightly demanding justification for the cash you are spending.

Digital marketing should be viewed as a single marketing medium which can be split down into SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, online advertising, conversion optimisation, email marketing and so on.

Therefore, there should be a single all-encompassing strategy which pulls together the best ways to use each of those mediums to bring additional revenue into a business.

What could Google‘s acquisition of ITA Software mean for travel companies?

Last week, Google announced that they had been given the go
ahead by the American Justice Department to buy specialist travel
technology company ITA Software.

There has been some speculation as to
the impact that this will have on the online travel industry and also
Google’s motives behind the $700 million deal. What has not yet been
addressed is how this could actually impact travel websites.