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Super Bowl ads 2013: Touchdowns & let downs

It’s that time of year again.  A time where teams come together, exhibiting strategy, tactics, and know-how to attempt to rank above others. A time where lots of careful planning and execution boils down to a “make it or break it” finale. That time of year is Super Bowl Ad season, of course.

While many advertisers gave it their best shot, only a few reigned supreme. Though there has been plenty of analysis of this topic, here’s my recount on the good, the bad and the awkward.

Are you there brands? It’s me, Andre

Nearly a month ago, I found myself having coffee at a café with friends. We sat sipping our respective lattes and cortados making small talk. Mid-conversation, we were approached by what appeared to be a student carrying leaflets for a new juice bar.

The leaflets weren’t too enticing, but they did lead our conversation into the realm of advertising. We began asking ourselves a question: when it comes to ads and brands (especially newer ones), what are the key points that push us to embrace them? Not only embrace, but adopt brands as legacy?