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10 things affiliate networks can do to help content affiliates

This week I heard Helen Southgate, the MD of affilinet UK, speak at a performance marketing conference and say;

If affiliate networks don’t change they will gone in five years.

This isn’t another ‘death of’ post. The performance marketing sector is a £14 bn growth area.

There are pressures, though, and Helen isn’t wrong to urge change. I doubt anyone inside the industry would argue that there are no common demands that networks, agencies and in-house teams face.

One of those common issues is the feeling that there is untapped value in the large number of content affiliates available and a frustration this value is hard to reach.


SEO is D.E.A.D.

Despite the danger of over simplification, I rather like the acronym D.E.A.D. as a reminder on how to approach modern, multi-signalled, SEO

It’s not really dead btw…


Six ways to avoid being smothered by die-hard compers

Like Us! Please! Like us!

Competitions have become a regular feature in social media campaigns.

They are common on Facebook and Twitter, starting to get a look in on Google+ and are a regular offering on the altar of blogger outreach.

There is a whole community of digitally savvy “compers” who spend hours each day tracking down the latest competitions. Their logic is sound: if you enter enough random draws then you will eventually win.

Once the comper community knows a brand or blog runs regular competitions they’ll keep a close watch for the next one.

Community sites like Loquax or even MoneySavingExpert allow compers to surface and share other competitions too.