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The real time world of display advertising. Part two: dynamic creative

Disruptive technological advancements in display advertising have opened a wealth of options for marketers. They can optimise as never before by running personalized, cost-effective, scalable campaigns, in real time.

In the fast-paced world of online advertising, enhanced targeting can generate real time decision making and thus create performance uplift. 

Making sense of this real time revolution is a formidable task. My goal in this series is to help marketers put things in place while offering practical advice. In part one, I discussed real time bidding (RTB).

Now, part two is dedicated to dynamic creative.  

The real time world of display advertising

The real time revolution in online display advertising is here and it’s disrupting the industry. Data-driven performance display ad solutions are pushing the envelope. No wonder that display is growing faster than any other marketing channel, including search.

What’s making this possible is the growing use of massive data volume (also called big data) to optimise and personalise campaigns in real time.

Advertisers’ data is now being intertwined with display ad management – they are finally coming together, after years of running untargeted campaigns that resulted in many wasted banners. 

I promise to dive deep into big data in a future post (meanwhile, you can read about how best to use first party data in my previous post). Today, the spotlight is on real time. 

How first party data can boost your retargeting campaign

With the advancement of digital innovation in display ad targeting and personalization, it is now possible for advertisers to optimise their display campaigns in real time, based on their internal business data.  

Tying advertisers’ own internal data with their display campaigns is a pot of gold that few advertisers have fully tapped.

Here are some best practices for increasing online sales by using information you already have…