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Insights on Mobile in the Middle East from Digital Cream Dubai

When I was offered the opportunity to moderate the table on Mobile Marketing at Digital Cream Dubai, I couldn’t think of a single reason to not be there; it isn’t every day I’d get to sit down on a table with 10 client side marketers and hear about their pains and pleasure of doing mobile. And it really was equal parts both. 

There were a lot of insights that came in from the three roundtables featuring 10 marketers each.

Adapting digital marketing for the Middle East

In his last post on the Econsultancy blog, Tariq Seksek touched upon the importance of competitions, contest and sweepstakes when running a social media campaign in the Middle East.

While some brands may have found success in running such contests, others are of the opinion that competitions equate to buying fans, as the interest of the fans lies in the prize rather than the brand and its offerings.

I remember speaking to Mohamed Parham of Wild Peeta (Dubai’s social media darling brand) about two years ago, who emphasised the brand’s organic growth of its fan and follower counts.

Whatever camp you belong to – growth by competitions or growth by content – it is important to consider the characteristics of the local market including demographics, usage habits and cultural sensitivities. 

Mobile marketing: stop thinking sales and start thinking experience

It really isn’t news that there has been a surge in the app economy globally. With the rise in the numbers of smartphones, marketer managers are scrambling to build an app for their brands, many without even figuring out their mobile web presence first.

And so far, marketers have treated mobile as a platform that serves to be a substitute to other existing platforms. Retail stores focus on creating a product catalogue, hotels let you make reservations, and so on. The emphasis has been, for the most part, on awareness and purchase.