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Which Facebook strategy should brands choose?

Social media as a whole has become an incredibly valuable channel for brands and consumers, one that allows communication that simply was never possible before. 

Facebook (with over 1bn monthly active users) allows different levels of engagement and so provides opportunities for marketers that other social networks potentially don’t and can’t.

It’s important that brands recognise the different levels of social interaction they can have with their customers, as this will impact on the benefits that they’re able to take away. 

Devices: a marketer’s new best friend

Think about all the ways that a marketer can reach a consumer.

It’s the view of many that the more traditional methods such as direct mail are now battling against the variety of other channels, the ever-growing organisational use of social media for example.

This however, simply shouldn’t be the case.

Customers won’t ‘like’ you unless they like the value you offer in return

malibuWith two thirds of adults now connected to at least one Social Media platform, its rise over the past few years has been staggering.

It’s hardly surprising therefore, that companies have followed consumers on to these social platforms in an attempt to engage with them and get noticed.

What is surprising however, is that some brands don’t seem to have put much thought into their social engagement strategy; they’re more about being social for social’s sake, rather than being social by design and really understanding what it is they want to achieve by connecting with existing and prospective customers via Social Media.

Data in a social age

Like. Tweet. Follow. Mention. Comment. What do these all mean to a marketer?

There’s no doubt that social has gone loco in the past few years and every big brand worth its marketing salt is investing in a strong social presence as part of their multichannel strategy.

But so what? What is social delivering?

What is it adding to the marketing mix, and how do we know if you’re any good at it?

The big tip for 2012: convergence is here

Multichannel strategy has been on the agenda for the past few years, it is not a new phenomenon.

Whether marketers have reached multichannel nirvana is up for debate, but we’ve no time for that now, we’ve moved on. 2012 is all about convergence.

Me, me, me! Are we being divas when it comes to getting joined up?

Last week Econsultancy hosted its very successful JUMP event, where I mingled with marketers and agencies to hear about the latest in multi-channel strategies and how to get all joined up.

The line-up was impressive, as was the quality of people, but there was a hint of diva in the air.

Now, don’t go jumping to conclusions. I know that speakers are generally going to say how innovative or wonderful they are. They would not have been asked to speak if they weren’t recognised as being forward thinking or experts in an area.  

Let me explain what I mean …