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Is Google really going to rely more on social media signals in the future?

With many people thinking that social media will become an increasingly important SEO weapon, we examine its likely importance in the long term.

When you speak with SEO experts, the hot topic is how social media signals are going to be used increasingly by Google to determine the authority of a website.

It’s believed that the number of Facebook “likes”, Twitter followers, Google +1’s and even You Tube channel views you have, the more credence you could gain from Google.

Want to use a news agency to distribute your story? Try Google News instead

Finding a genuine “scoop” of a story can be SEO gold. It can whizz round the internet gathering links as it goes. However when you have a story that is a little “too hot to handle” you need to careful how you manage it.

Recent events would make you believe that the traditional print media is a bit too cosy with the establishment and that if you want to publish a controversial article which will turn into juicy SEO link bait then the online world is for you.

However, my experience shows this is not necessarily the case and that if you have news which is “too hot to handle” then Google News might be your best bet.