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About Charles Wade

Charlie Wade is Group Director – Head of NY Commerce at VMLY&R.


Diesel’s new loyalty scheme makes everybody an influencer

The cost of customer acquisition for retailers has been steadily rising for some time. This, alongside increased competition, has made it expensive to attract new consumers. The spiralling costs have been caused by diversification of channels – once seen as an unrivalled opportunity to reach a wider audience, in reality it has caused marketing dollars to be thinly spread – and the cost of advertising across platforms from Google to affiliates is increasing, often prohibitively so.


Was the World Cup a scoreless draw for Nike, Adidas & Puma?

As any fan of soccer – or communications – will attest to, the World Cup traditionally delivers memorable campaigns.

Nike often leads the way with epic adverts such as ‘The Secret Tournament’ (players battling in a cage on a disused tanker) or the immense ‘Write The Future’ (a ‘sliding doors’ ad which features Wayne Rooney living in a caravan). Both managed to balance deification and anticipation with a sense of humour.

Customer experience in Amazon’s New York book store: Why not just buy it online?

The first and overwhelming impression when visiting Amazon’s first New York location is that of familiarity. 

The look and feel, wooden shelves with white on black signage just above is reminiscent of the British retailer Waterstones, which operates in the same sector. Further, second-tier typography, this time white on royal blue, has shades of WHSmith, another old-hand.

Financial institutions need to act fast to avoid being outflanked by tech giants

A recent Accenture report found that one in three people would move their banking to Google, Amazon, or Facebook if those companies offered services.

This echoes JWT Intelligence’s prediction that Financial Technology (fintech) will become the primary reformer within retail banking, largely because new entrants offer a gateway into a world so encumbered by process and rigid operating hours that it can often appear inflexible to a generation that expects instant search results and deliveries within an hour.