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The revolution will not be personalised…or will it?

Che Guevara Spraffl

Creating and curating a public persona through social media can be powerful, but would you tweet differently if you were anonymous? 

A new social media tool lets you do that and could bring an interesting and controversial twist to social media.

The Four Seasons site is beautiful, but not for disabled users

The press release announcing Four Season’s new site states that it was “thoughtfully designed…to deliver an immersive and effortless experience tailored to every user”.

But shouldn’t that include disabled users?

The Four Seasons site review focusing on web usability highlighted some important shortcomings in terms of the booking process and other areas, and briefly mentioned some of the accessibility issues.  

Here we take a closer look at some of these and the actions that should have been taken to truly make the site available and usable to every user.