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Facebook Live has become must-see TV for healthcare marketers

If you look through Periscope to see how healthcare marketers might use personal video, the picture is still fuzzy.

But if you look at this through Facebook Live, it’s crystal clear why many are adding Facebook Live to the innovative edge of their brand’s digital engagement strategies.

In strategy and design, simplicity is the good manners of our age

In a world which demands ‘more, done better, and faster,’ simplicity has taken on the power of a moral imperative.

In America, the average hours worked per week is now 47 hours, that’s nearly a six day work week. As parents, professionals, and members of little used gyms, the admonition to ‘Be All You Can Be’ is a self-escalating puzzle.

In the context of the more specialized and complex requirements faced in life, making one’s communications simple may be as important as making them polite.

So, simplicity equates to credibility and also the ability to fit with your audience’s over-stuffed lives. To time-strapped consumers, if it’s not simple, it’s not welcome.

Digital innovation puts us all in the software business

Guess what? You’re not in the business you think you’re in.

I don’t mean this like one of those these-are-not-the-droids-you-are-looking-for Jedi mind-tricks but as a statement of fact.

No matter what else you may do, if you rely on digital technology, and who doesn’t, then you are in the software business too.

Apple’s golden ring: app primacy and PC convergence

While the iPhone which provides half of Apple’s revenue is its foundation, the iPad is its bellwether for growth.

Gartner has upwardly revised its growth projections for tables to a whopping 54% this year, against an 11% drop in PC sales. This makes it no surprise that Apple has set its course in this direction.

As Willie Sutton answered when he was asked why he robbed banks, the answer is obvious, its where the money is.

But it goes further than retail. The iPad is a gateway to incremental media, software sales and services purchases. There are 170m of them in circulation, and Apple is moving to gain new users and upgrade its installed base.

And along the way gain increased wallet and mindshare while depositioning its rivals.

New Apple software points the way in post-PC world

In the Post-PC era, designing to delight customers is the currency of persistent advantage. This intensifies competition to own user experience and valuable customer relationships through it.

Last week Apple updated Logic Pro X, its high-end audio software aimed at music professionals. A big part of its new coolness is that it comes with a free companion app which allows iPads to be remote input devices to the processor-intensive audio editing program.

This means you can play an instrument or work a mixing board control wirelessly across a studio or a venue, while your Mac runs the full Logic Pro software and processes the incoming signals.

The value of Vine to the disinterested

I confess, there are plenty of things that make Twitter’s six second video service, Vine seem to be utterly dismissible.

But that just may be its paradoxical strength, after all…

The end of channels: how digital experiences trump shiny objects

Digital tools now reach across companies (from sales to support) and across the entire customer experience. This span is making running digital channels as silos increasingly costly and difficult to scale.

Organizations that seek to rationalize operations, use data effectively, and personalize smart experiences for clients need alignment around a digital experience plan.

This is the first of a series of posts on why digital experience planning has become a strategic priority of a growing tribe of digital leaders.

Twitter’s plan to rule both first and second screens

Twitter’s purchase of social television analytics firm Bluefin Labs, its largest purchase to date, reveals both its interest in connecting the viewers of media, and in gaining some of the revenue currently headed to television advertising.

Though its business model may have seemed quixotic in its early days, Twitter is building a potential case as the network able to reach people based on their most immediate interests.

Super Bowl advertising: can customer experience trump huge ad spending?

A quick look at revenue growth over three years shows that companies loved by their clients grew more than twice as fast as Super Bowl advertisers. 

The NFL has built one of the smartest businesses in broadcasting. In an otherwise fractured media landscape, its weekly games routinely top viewership ratings. CBS, NBC and Fox all carry its games – showing meaningful brands are more influential than the undifferentiated reach of networks.

But it’s the Super Bowl that is the NFL’s finale. In 1967, a thirty second ad in Super Bowl I sold for $40,000; today that same spot costs $3.7 million. 

Forbes points out that this growth record beats the S&P 500 (10.3% to 6.3%), and that it has been more consistent than the rise of stock prices over the same period.