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Five lessons from John Lewis’ mobile commerce strategy

At the start of the year, retailer John Lewis announced some impressive year on year sales figures, along with the revelation that more than three quarters of its site traffic on Christmas Day came from mobile devices.  

Its profits continue to look very healthy, and mobile is an ever growing proportion of its sales. 

So what is it that John Lewis is getting right with its mobile strategy? And what lessons can we learn in order to apply to our own? 

These are some of the elements that John Lewis delivered on. 

Ecommerce: how to approach the next big thing in B2B marketing

B2B marketing has long been under-represented, not to mention B2B ecommerce.

But with the entry of Amazon Supply and Google Shopping for Suppliers to the market, B2B ecommerce is quietly catching up.

So much so that forecasts suggest that the B2B ecommerce market will be double the size of B2C by 2013.

This is a real wake up call for B2B companies that have not considered selling their products online.

Mobile commerce: what do consumers really want?

Mobile is no longer a trend or even just an opportunity. It is quickly becoming the new standard for consuming content.

Over the years there has been a continued, symbiotic evolution of mobile technology and consumer expectations, especially in the retail industry where companies have firmly embraced the ‘commerce everywhere’ dimension brought by mobile devices.

As digital mobile capabilities multiply, it’s interesting to consider just what consumers really want from their mobile experience