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You don’t care about your customers if …

As a supplier of software for measuring the customer experience, I take heart from the plethora of commentators that stress the importance of delivering an improved customer experience as consumers tighten their belts.

Their actions, or lack of them, suggest that too many online companies do not believe this. Do you pass the test?

Customer retention – you cannot be serious

Retention is high on the agenda for companies struggling to make money from cash-strapped consumers, but their words and deeds are not always in tune.

Research from analytics company SPSS suggests that customer retention tops the concerns of executives, with 34% claiming it is their number one priority.

This compares with 8% rating acquisition as their top concern; a remarkable turnaround from last year, when acquisition was rated most important by 40% of participants.

Marketers don’t care about customers

With economic slowdown in the news everyday, you could be forgiven for thinking that knowing your customer – the foundation of good marketing — is keeping marketers awake at night.

That doesn’t seem to be the case. 

Seurat’s lesson for marketers

It seems that many marketers still struggle to build a rich picture of their customers. 

They could do worse than study the works of Georges Seurat, the famous French impressionist painter of the 19th century, whose techniques have interesting lessons for today’s 21st century marketers. 

Staff first, customers second

The fiasco that was the first month of Heathrow’s Terminal Five is a salutary lesson for any company introducing a new product or service. 

I sympathise greatly with the customers that have been delayed, lost luggage and generally experienced a level of service that few would wish on their biggest enemy but my real sympathies are reserved for another oft overlooked group – the staff.

How to retain customers in hard times

It’s doom and gloom, according to many of the economic commentators, but now is not the time to take your eye off the customer experience ball. 

When things get tight, a company needs any edge it can get and retaining the customers it has is one way of minimising the impact of any downturn. Here are a few things to try to hang on to those most valuable of assets – your customers.

A test: Is your company paying lip service to customer experience?

From reading the business press it would be fair to assume that customer experience is high on the agenda of many business executives. 

But is that really the case or are too many senior managers just talking the talk and not walking the walk? Is your company one of those that is just paying lip service? 

Read on to see if your company passes this tongue in cheek test.