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Breathe new life into email marketing

Whilst social media tends to attract much attention at the moment, the savvy marketing professional understands that success lies in using the best digital marketing mix and not over focusing on one channel.

Email marketing remains an important component, but what can be done to raise our game and generate even better results from this established and proven marketing tool? 

Tips for planning multi-language websites

Having a global channel literally at our fingertips obviously does not mean that our message is being understood globally. Whilst some organisations have made much progress in resolving the issues of acting globally online, for others it remains a complex problem.

So what should a company be thinking about when considering the globalisation of its website? 

Customer service across social media

Social media provides an ideal place for the irate consumer to let off steam. But with brands increasingly monitoring social media channels, it can feel impossible to have a moan without someone annoyingly interrupting and appearing to offer help.

When is it right to offer help and what are the best ways to do it?