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FourSquare and security: I know where you live…

As individuals become more and more accustomed to sharing
personal information with social networking sites, it’s easy to see how this free
and easy exchange of information can be abused.

FourSquare, though entertaining and potentially useful for tips on the places around you and figuring out where your online friends are, does raise some security issues. 

In-game advertising: are we being played?

In-game advertising is nothing new. From automotive giant Jeep advertising in Tomb Raider in 2007 (image below) to FarmVille based incentives from Bing this month. 

The question is; how does it work? Have companies and game providers cracked the method of getting into our psyches to get us to do what they want?

Tomb Raider_Jeep_Ad

(Image courtesy of Double Fusion)