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Rockin’ Robin: Twitter’s busy week

The social media blue birds have been working hard this week and it has resulted in: Twitter #music and keyword targeting for advertisers. 

These new services are proof positive that Twitter fully intends to grow into a formidable channel for both users and businesses as they look for new ways to collect consumer information while coupling that with ways to monetize in a less intrusive way.

Facebook changes its look for U&I

The interwebs have been ablaze with news of Facebook’s newest change for a good week. Today, they made their official announcement about upcoming changes to the News Feed.

We knew it was coming, but what does it mean?

The Super Bowl at a glance – socially speaking

If you didn’t already know, on this side of the pond, the Super Bowl is a pretty big deal. With all of the hubbub around the commercials, halftime, parties, and happenings in the host city, it is also a time when the social web lights up even more than the game, no disrespect to the blackout.

So after being an active member of the second screen club, I decided to take a look at some of the preliminary numbers from one of the biggest events of the U.S. year.