Guy Magrath

About Guy Magrath

Guy Magrath is the former Chief Digital Officer at Electrocomponents plc. He has over 25 years of international experience leveraging innovation to deliver market leading capabilities and guide businesses to thrive in increasingly digital and rapidly changing commercial landscapes.

A sharp strategic thinker, with an entrepreneurial flair and an obsession to deliver an effortless customer experience, he effectively distils complexity and identifies ambitious opportunities to accelerate sustainable global growth. By infusing passion and energy into the core of cultural, strategic, and operational business practice, Guy transforms vision into outstanding commercial results.

Guy can be contacted on Linked In: , mobile: +44 (0)7730735808 or email:”


RS offices (electrocomponents)

The story of a 3-year digital transformation at Electrocomponents, taking it to a top-5 growth stock in the FTSE 250

The response to Covid-19 has accelerated trends towards digital with 59% of UK CEOs having digital transformation of core business operations and processes as a top three priority (PWC, Aug ’20). Econsultancy asked Guy Magrath, former Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Electrocomponents plc, to summarize the recent digital transformation of Electrocomponents, the impacts of such a transformation, and most importantly how it was done and the role he played at the time as the company’s CDO.