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How visible are universities on social networks?

With UK universities allowed to charge up to £9,000 for fees from this autumn, many institutions are likely to have ramped up their marketing in order to engage and attract students.

So how successful have they been in creating a presence on the main social networks?

How visible are Econsultancy’s blog posts on social networks?

You’d expect content from a digital marketing blog such as Econsultancy to be heavily shared on social networks. But which networks do most Econsultancy readers use for sharing? And what were the most frequently shared posts in 2011?

We performed an analysis of the social visibility of the Econsultancy blog content on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and social bookmarking sites StumbleUpon and Delicious by looking at the weekly data that we collate in our social analytics database.

Five ways in which Bing is closing the gap on Google

In terms of hard numbers Google is still the leader in the search engine market, certainly in the US, UK and many parts of Western Europe, but that doesn’t stop Microsoft’s Bing from pulling out all the stops to gain some ground. 

Here are five important ways in which Bing might just be starting to get an edge on Google.

What does it really take to rank well on Google News?

If you could get your website content syndicated and ranking well on
Google News, it would be an awesome way to generate traffic, but how difficult is this?

We decided to explore what it takes to perform well in Google News by starting our own general news site from scratch (it’s a German site at www.noows.de) and it helped us learn a whole lot.

Five common moans between SEO agencies and their clients

Arguing PenguinsMost agency-client relationships are rife with little frustrations and search engine optimisation (SEO) is no exception. The agency lets itself get wound up because it thinks the client doesn’t listen to its advice; the client doesn’t think it’s getting the attention or results it requires.   

In the spirit of trying to foster better understanding between clients and their SEO agencies, here are five common reasons that cause the two parties to feel like having a good old moan at or about each other.